Past Tours

The three trips we have been on were all well organized, and were a lot of fun. – anonymous (’09 China and Tibet, ’12 Great Barrier Reef, Australia, ’17 – USA – Day Trip to Wyoming)

2017 – USA – Day Trip to Wyoming

A memorable trip for its perfect skies, private location, and carmaggedon on the way back to Denver!  What was normally 3.5 hour drive became a grueling 13 hour test of endurance.  Everyone made it back in one piece if a little tired…  Happy they didn’t have to drive!

2017 – USA – Americana tour

A little early morning cloud evasion resulted in perfect viewing from Agate Fossils National Park in Nebraska.

2017 – USA – Dude Ranch

In the most relaxing of all settings, this group was able to observe poolside at the CM Ranch outside of Dubois, WY under perfectly clear skies.  No driving or cloud chasing!  sigh.

2015 – Svalbard, Norway
Total Solar Eclipse Svalbard
Clear skies from horizon to horizon, low solar elevation, and arid arctic air gave us what may be the most beautiful and, optically, the clearest eclipse to date!   Cold temperatures brought its own challenges but what a view..   Similar to the harvest moon or the sunrise, by skimming the mountains we had the optical illusion of a larger object!

2012 – Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Total Solar Eclipse Australia 2012
Beautiful Australia! Wonderful weather, interesting sites, and perfect eclipse viewing on the Great Barrier Reef!

2010 – Easter Island, Chile
Easter Island eclipse group
We spent 4 days in one of the most remarkable places on the planet and saw a beautiful eclipse in the presence of the mysterious Moai.

2009 – China and Tibet

An incredible 3 week adventure that took us to the top of Mt. Emei Shan, Chengdu, Beijing, Xian, and Tibet.  A cultural experience that was unforgettable.

2008 – Mongolia
Total Solar Eclipse Mongolia 2008
Traveling in the remote western stretches of Mongolia, we fell in love with the countryside and the people and saw a perfect eclipse!

2006 – Cappadocia, Turkey

From the fantastic landscape of Cappadocia in central Turkey we saw 3 minutes and 37 seconds of totality and an incredibly colorful chromosphere!

2002, Woomera, Australia
Total Solar Eclipse Australia 2002
From the Australian Outback at sunset on December 4, 2002, we viewed a perfect total solar eclipse – standing under the moon’s shadow as it raced across the surface of the earth.

2001 – American Southwest
60 Inch at Mt Wilson Observatory
A wonderful tour of astronomical sites, both ancient and modern, in the American Southwest.

1999 – Divrigi, Turkey
Total Solar Eclipse Divrigi, Turkey 1999
In August 1999, we led a small expedition to the remote traditional mountain village of Divrigi in central Turkey to observe the final total solar eclipse of the millenium.