Travel Gear that we recommend

The items on this page have been tried and tested by our staff unless otherwise indicated.

Sirius Travel Inc. has been leading tours around the world since 1999 and in that time we have found some gear that we like.  The links below are Amazon Affiliate links to products we have used ourselves and can recommend.


All-in-one Converter for Europe UK EU AUS (Type C/G/A/I)

51 Sburadyl. Ac Sx522 This is a clever little device that saves you a lot of time worrying about bringing the correct electrical adapter!  It works for Europe, UK, EU, AUS – anywhere that uses the type C, G, A or I adapter.

European Travel Plug Adapter 2 Pack

51g7malmzrl. Ac Sx522

These type-C travel adapters work for most of Europe.  They work very well and if you only plan on being in Europe, this is an excellent choice.

Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter/Receiver

61om4fjfivl. Ac Sx425 A piece of technological magic, this lets you connect your own headphones via bluetooth to the small seat back screens on a flight.  Now you can use your deluxe noise-cancelling headphones and enjoy that in-flight entertainment in your own soundproof world!

Noise cancelling headphones

61wyajltpl. Ac Sl1500 Over-ear noise cancelling headphones are amazing but bulky.  If size is an issue, consider noise cancelling ear buds, they work almost as well and are very small.  Some people find ear buds uncomfortable so be sure to consider your preferences and comfort before selecting a style.

Apple Airtags, 4-pack

71gy9ectas. Ac Sx679 This is the newest addition to our list of travel essentials. I put one in each piece of luggage so I know where they are at any time.  Nothing has been lost yet but if it is, I am ready!  (I particularly like having it in the telescope case)

Apple Airtag Holders

81pxmjmnubs. Ac Sx425 To go with the Apple Airtags, these are simple leather holders that can be used as keychains.  These are the ones I use but there are many styles.

Noise Cancelling Apple AirPods

61f1yftktdl. Ac Sx679 Apple AirPods are the most popular noise cancelling earbuds on the market.  They are a great space-saving alternative to the over ear headphones above.

Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

71bpqrq1qdl. Ac Sx679 A good alternative to the more expensive AirPods, these TOZO earbuds are ones that some of our guides use and can vouch for.  They are a great space-saving alternative to the over ear headphones above.

Portable power banks

71y4oxpgtsl. Ac Sy879 Portable chargers are essential modern travel gear to maintain your cell phone charge through a long day of touring / photographing. They must be carried in carry-on luggage.  We like ones with 10,000mAh or more and that include cables (I personally own the one linked here) but it is a matter of personal preference.

Luggage, bags, and related items

Carry-on size Pelican case

61exyyrp Gl. Ac Sx425 This is a crush proof roller case that is the maximum FAA allowed size for carry-on luggage.  We own three, two for the small telescopes that I travel with and one for camera equipment.  It provides great peace of mind when I need to bring a telescope on a trip. You can expect it to be searched regularly as you go through security but fortunately the word “telescope” is fairly universal and a great conversation starter.

Carry-on size backpacks

81tbav1hssl. Ac Sl1500 This is for the light travelers in the audience.  The maximum allowed FAA size for a carry-on backpack is 40L.  These packs are often all you need for a short trip if you want to avoid checked bags.


817nulldwel. Ac Sy879 A day backpack (daypack) is a useful item on any trip.  It can be used as your personal item on a plane as well as a small pack to carry what you need on a day of touring. A backpack reduces the aches that often come from carrying a purse or sling bag on one shoulder.

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

81h1 Uyalll. Ac Sl1500 Travelon “anti-theft” bags feature RFID-blocking card and passport slots as well as cross-body bag styles in slash-proof (a metal mesh inside the fabric) construction with adjustable cut-proof straps. We can recommend.

Wheeled luggage

71cfecymctl. Ac Sy879 Most trips you take will be suitable for wheeled luggage unless you are hiking and camping overnight away from a city.

Rollink Collapsible Luggage

Collapsible luggage made for every traveler. With Rollink stylish and practical luggage, you’ll love the journey as much as the destination!

Travel Neck Wallet

91idyio9ssl. Ac Sx679 This RFID blocking pouch stays under your clothing and is a safe place to hold your passport, cards, and money.  If you prefer the belt version of this, it is linked on this page as well.

RFID Blocking Stash Neck Wallet

81lqtquivl. Ac Sl1500 This pouch is nice because it has plastic zipper pulls (no need to remove when going through security) and a double zipper side access which is convenient.

Travel money belt

815rp8di8el. Ac Sx679 This RFID blocking money belt stays under your clothing around your waist and is a safe place to hold your passport, cards, and money.  Some people prefer the neck pouch version which is linked on this page as well.

Compression Packing Cubes

81knpsxo3l. Ac Ux679 Pack everything using compression packing cubes – they organize your clothes so you can access everything almost instantly and allow you to make room when you normally couldn’t!

Watertight pouch

61jkeounsal. Ac Sx679 These are good for keeping phone/passport/money dry if you participate in any water-related activity where you want to keep your items dry and safely with you.

Binocular Chest Harness Strap

31kfzjymfsl. Ac This is a must for anyone who frequently carries binoculars.  This safely secures your binoculars and leaves your hands free to do something else, like manage your telescope at the same time!

Clothing - Iceland or Cold Climate

Waterproof Shell coats and pants

61jpv Mx4ll. Ac Ux679 We recommend lightweight waterproof shell coat and pants when traveling in Iceland.  Items that are easy to take on and off over other clothes. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND PONCHOS OR UMBRELLAS IN ICELAND DUE TO THE PREVALENT WINDY CONDITIONS THERE.

Lightweight Fleece Jacket

71eamvzxvbl. Ac Ux679 This is an incredibly useful item for any travel.  It can be used on a cold plane, if it gets chilly on a summer night, or layered under waterproof gear to serve as a winter coat.

3/4 length parka

71yawszuhsl. Ac Uy879 This are primarily for Iceland in the fall/winter/spring.  The long length is really helpful in keeping you warm in the Icelandic climate. Swim parkas work great as well.

Swim Parka

51hlj8a5kel. Ac Uy741 A Swim Parka is a lower priced option to the full parka in the previous link.  They work great and you may even have one lying around the house if you have a swimmer..

Fleece lined pants

71hoy Xg4wl. Ac Ux522 Fleece lined pants in several styles.  These are very nice to have in Iceland, particularly if they fit under waterproof pants which one often has to quick change into on a bus.

Fleece Leggings

711jzzgt5bl. Ac Uy679 A great alternative to the fleece pants for those who prefer leggings.

Thermal underwear

413ivj0ucgl. Ac Uy879 Useful for anyone expecting to be outside in cold weather for extended periods of time.

Weatherproof gloves

81mf2un8xkl. Ac Ux679 These are primarily for Iceland in the fall/winter/spring but useful anytime you travel someplace cold. We often suggest ski gloves because they are windproof as well as warm.

Windproof hat

71ztu27rjs. Ac Ux679 We recommend windproof hats when traveling in Iceland.  You should look for something with either an outer rainproof shell or a knit cap with lining.  The wind will go right through any single layer knit or fleece – double layer is key. A wide brim sun hat is not advised in Iceland (again, the wind).

Waterproof hiking shoes

71xph5vy5nl. Ac Ux695 Essential for Iceland in all seasons. We often walk on trails in Iceland and between the weather and the waterfalls, waterproof is key.

Warm Socks

913wpj Ful. Ac Ux569 Warm socks are good to bring to Iceland.  If you feel like you need to get more while in Iceland, there are many stores that sell them.

Quilted skirt

61fhs1is3nl. Ac Ux679 For Iceland. This skirt is amazing if you are outside in the cold for long periods of time (such as observing the stars or the northern lights!). You wear it over whatever other clothes you have on and it is like a wearable blanket!  Also makes it easy to lie on the ground and not worry about the dirt. Warning: unless you are petite, order up a couple sizes.  Norsari makes another option/style.

Norsari Wearable Wrap

91vkkpxiqul. Ac Ux679 We love these wraps so much that one of us went home and made one from an old blanket! Worn over your other clothes, these are perfect for any observing run where you stand outside in the cold for long periods of time.  In the fashion forward world of astronomy, men wear these too!

Clothing - Warm Climate. (Australia, Spain, Egypt)

Insect repellent shirts

715cr22g8kl. Ac Sy879 If you are traveling where insects and their bites are an issue, you may want to pack an insect repellent shirt.

Water shoes

61gx5 Gsm3l. Ac Uy695 Water shoes are useful if you are planning on doing water-based activities – particularly if it involves walking on rocks or if you need grip.

Sun hat

81uxbevteul. Ac Ux679 We recommend sun hats when traveling to hot, sunny places such as our upcoming trips to Australia, Spain, or Egypt.

Mosquito/fly netting for the head

617wjsfjol. Ac Sl1024 We’re looking at you, Australian Outback, with your intolerable flies.  So intolerable that almost everyone is willing to forego fashion to wear these useful hats and nets.

Cooling neck wraps

71fno4en4al. Ac Sl1500 When you are out in extreme heat and want to explore but it is just. so. HOT.  These bandanas soak up water in little polymer crystals and then slowly release that water over several hours, cooling your neck/head when you need it most.

Reefsafe sunscreen

71p Zosv1vs. Sy879 Reefsafe sunscreen is a biodegradable option that is a thoughtful choice no matter what sunny destination you travel to.  Also required in certain destinations.

Toiletries and sundries

Travel Size Duct Tape

71drkxyjeel. Ac Sx425 This Travel Size Duct Tape is incredibly useful.  I have used it to repair broken luggage and to build last minute solar filters.  It fits easily into your luggage and it now travels with me as an essential item.

Travel Pill Case

81bcwbpoptl. Ac Sx522 Why a pill case and why this one?  This one is compact and it is encased so that pills don’t fly all over your bag if a compartment pops open. These are handy even if you don’t carry prescriptions – I keep one filled with generic medicine like Advil, Tylenol, Cold medicine, Dramamine, antihistamine, etc (I label the lids with tape).  A one-stop-shop pharmacy while on the road.

Travel Laundry Detergent

These are71axflvroql. Ac Sy355 sheets of concentrated laundry detergent and is for anyone who does laundry in the sink on a trip or does not want to pay for detergent at a laundromat (ok, this may hint of our backpacking past..). We use these at home too since they are eco-friendly and do the job of cleaning well.

Portable clothesline

71s7nirn2el. Ac Sl1500 For anyone who does laundry in the sink while on the road – these clotheslines help things dry faster and better than draping wet clothes over furniture.  We like this one because it does not use clips, is easier to pack, and can double as a strap in a pinch.

Cough drops

81tubqu96xl. Ac Sl1500 Cough drops are so useful!  Particularly on dry airplanes or in crowded places.  They will save you from getting glared at if you start coughing post-covid.. I find that this brand is very good and I always carry a handful with me.

Solar Filter Film Sheet (12"x12")

61t89fbd Ol. Ac Sx425 If you have ever tried to make a solar filter in the field, you know what this Thousand Oaks Solar Filter material is and how useful it can be. It can be used to make a makeshift solar filter for equipment you forgot to buy filters for. I always carry some of this in my telescope case.

Collapsible water bottle

51eudkog1qs. Ac Sx679 A collapsible water bottle is space saving and ideal if you have a safe water supply to refill from.  This is perfect for Iceland where the tap water is excellent and safe.  We have tried a lot of these and have settled on this one because it is BPA-free and after a full day the water still tastes like water and not plastic.

Instant coffee singles

61vrvx5s3hl. Sl1500 Full confession, I have not traveled without Via packets since 2010.  It is always possible to get a cup of hot water, often for free, and voila!  Coffee when you want it! Admittedly, it helps if you can drink it black. If you find yourself in a tea-drinking country, these will let you enjoy a cup of coffee when none is available otherwise.

Travel towel

71ympttvgtl. Ac Sl1484 Travel towels are typically microfiber, quick drying, and come in various sizes depending on your needs.  They are good for managing perspiration in hot weather or if you are camping.

BPA-Free Water Filter Bottle

61ewur3hp5l. Ac Sl1500 LifeStraw Go Series – BPA-Free water filter bottle for travel and everyday use. Removes bacteria, parasites, microplastics, and improves taste.  This is very useful if you travel to places where the tap water is not potable. We never recommend pulling water from streams but if you must, you need this.

Travel size hand sanitizer

81vzp9ozsyl. Ac Sx679 Pibundle 8topright00 Sh20 We like the small hand sanitizers with clips that allow you to attach it to the outside of a bag for easy access.

Travel 1st aid kit

81fudjdh1l. Ac Sl1500 A travel-sized first aid kit is always advisable.

Reefsafe sunscreen

71p Zosv1vs. Sy879 Reefsafe sunscreen is a biodegradable option that is a thoughtful choice no matter what sunny destination you travel to.  Also required in certain destinations.

Walking poles

6134pidpt0l. Ac Sx679 Walking poles are great if you have any concerns about balance or you are going up and down uneven terrain.