Available Group Tours

Available Group Tours

Sirius Travel has been coordinating and leading group tours around the world since 1999. Our solar eclipse chasing roots have allowed us to explore unconventional travel destinations and learn about the world from an off-the-beaten track perspective.  We have developed a network of relationships with international tour providers in a dozen different countries and have continued to work with the best of them.  Every time we lead a new eclipse tour, we evaluate the experience and the professionalism of our in-country tour providers to determine those with which we wish to maintain a relationship. When the local providers are top tier combined with a destination that we feel would be of particular interest (to both us and our travelers) we create a group tour.  Our current tour selections are listed below.  If you are interested in working with us to lead your group please use our contact form below or give us a call.

Aurora Over Hallgrimskirkja Square

Northern Lights | Iceland

September – October annually

Moai At Sunrise 2

Culture & Ecology | Easter Island

March – December annually


Patagonia | Argentina

Southern summer/fall annually

Past Tours

We have enjoyed leading groups around the world since 1999. Below are some of our completed tours with their detailed itineraries.