2019 Chile Total Solar Eclipse

Elqui Valley Chile, South America | June 29 – July 7, 2019

Our trip to Chile was punctuated by a perfect view of the total solar eclipse on July 2, 2019!  We viewed the event from the top of the mountains on the southern edge of the Elqui Valley just above Vicuna and in sight of both Pangue and Cerra Tololo Observatories. The clarity was notable in spite of the low solar angle at totality.  Very little air turbulance and no noticeable humidity.  The sun had no observable sunspots at the time of the eclipse and the solar corona was beautifully symetric.  Our tactic of accessing the site from the Limari valley rather than trying to compete with the crowds coming up the Elqui valley from La Serena paid off and we were able to make it back to our hotels in a reasonable amount of time!  All in all a wonderful day! Photo credit: Kelli Mullin

Activity Level:



Santiago, Ovalle, Limari, and Elqui Valleys in Chile


9 days/8 nights

Trip Details and Highlights

  • Stay in the lovely Limari Valley situated under the world’s clearest skies and close to the line of totality for the total solar eclipse of 7/2/2019
  • Professional, bilingual guides
  • Sirius Travel Astronomer guides to answer any eclipse questions and explain the event
  • Educational materials regarding eclipse viewing and photography for all travelers
  • Several lectures/talks during the trip
  • Mobility via van in the case of local clouds
  • Eclipse viewing glasses for safety
  • Carefully crafted 9-day cultural tour of the Santiago – La Serena region of Chile
  • A selection of unique experiential options to choose from in Santiago, included in the price of your trip
  • 8 nights luxurious lodging
  • Meals as listed in itinerary
  • Airport transfers in Santigo
  • Add-on option for Easter Island

Eclipse begins

19:23 UT (15:23 CLT)

1st contact


Totality happens

20:38 – 20:41 UT (16:38 – 16:41 CLT)

2 minutes, 13 seconds


Eclipse ends

21:46 UT (17:46 CLT)

4th contact

Tour Overview

Day 1

Meet the Tour in Santiago, Panoramic City tour of Santiago, Welcome dinner and Introductory talk

Day 2

Travel by Bus from Santiago to Ovalle. Empenadas at Huentelauquen. Tour/Tasting/ and Cocktail Dinner at Pisquera Bauza

Day 3

Half day tour of Enchanted Valley; BBQ Dinner at Chilean Hacienda


Travel to eclipse site and prepare for eclipse, picnic lunch and dinner

Day 5

Museum el Limari in Ovalle. Drive towards Viña del Mar with stop for lunch en route

Day 6

Half day Panoramic City Tour of Vina del Mar and Valparaíso. Including a ride on one of the famous Funicular Rails in Valparaiso. Free afternoon.

Day 7

Valle de Casablanca Wine Tour – tours and tasting at Casas del Bosque and Veramonte, lunch at Veramonte

Day 8

Experiential tours (menu choice) of Santiago (Street Art & Architecture, Foody & Cultural Tour at Central Vega, Biking in Santiago´s Park, Walking Tour Historic Santiago + visit Teatro Municipal); Farewell Dinner

Day 9

Check out after breakfast and transfer to airport.

July 7 – July 11: Optional Add-On

4 days on Easter Island

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Arrive Santiago

View Of Santiago From Cerro San Cristobal

Welcome to Chile! Upon arrival at Santiago Airport (SCL) we will take you to check in at Hotel Atton el Bosque in the heart of the Las Condes area of Santiago.

In the afternoon your bilingual guide will lead you on a tour of Santiago’s most important historical sites including the downtown area surrounding the La Moneda Presidential Palace. You will also see the Mercado Central, one of Chile’s largest fresh seafood markets, and the many bustling stalls showcasing the tremendous variety available from the sea nearby. Continuing through the cobblestoned Lastarria neighborhood, you will pass by the Parque Forestal and the Bellas Artes Museum.

Accommodation: Santiago, Hotel Atton el Bosque

Day 2

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Travel from Santiago to La Serena (B/Empenadas/Cocktail Dinner)

Pisco Bauza

Depart Santiago early morning heading north to the Limari Valley. On your way north, you’re surrounded by bright blues and greens of vineyards that produce grapes for wines and piscos. You’ll stop for a mid-morning snack at Huentelauquen, whose cheese empanadas and papaya juices are legends amongst the locals. We will check in to our hotels and then off to a cocktail reception at Pisquera Bauza, the heart of Chilean pisco-maker’s operations. Widely known and internationally recognized for its quality of artesenal pisco, the Bauza family tradition was brought to Chile from Spain in 1906, and it continues to lead Chile pisco-making techinques that challenge those of Peruvian pisco-makers – a long-lived rivalry you’ll learn more about!

Accommodation: Valle Limarí, Hotel Limari / Hacienda Juntas / Hotel Monte Cordillera

Day 3

Monday | July 1, 2019

Ovalle area (B/BBQ Dinner)


In the morning, you’ll enjoy an excursion to the Enchanted Valley National Monument. Here petroglyphs, pictographs and characteristic mortars ground into the rock whisper of days long ago when the EI Molle Culture inhabited this valley of gargantuan boulders and murmuring streams. After a guided walk to enjoy the magic of this valley, which is of great archaeological importance as an open-air museum of scientific and cultural interest, we’ll return to Limari Valley, where you’ll gather at Hacienda Juntas for a traditional barbeque dinner (asado).

Accommodation: Valle Limarí, Hotel Limari / Hacienda Juntas / Hotel Monte Cordillera

Day 4

Tuesday | July 2, 2019

Eclipse Day (B/L/D)

2019 Preview

The night skies above the valley are a stark contrast to the bright green of the pisco vinyards in the valley below, giving this little spot the world’s clearest skies and making it an enchanting place for stargazers and observatories.

On the day of the eclipse, we will start very early in the morning, we drive through the scenic and curvy backroads along fruit plantations towards the perfect spot of observation of the total solar eclipse. Climbing up to the plateau of the Antakari Route allows us to enjoy the total solar eclipse from the very beginning when the moon starts to cover the sun, all the way through totality and until the sun is visible again in its totality, minutes before sunset.

In our pre-eclipse scouting trip we selected the perfect spot for observation. Our site is a desert-like isolated location far away from civilization on the pre-cordillera plateau, with the Andes mountain range to the East and great ample visibility to the West. We will have plenty of time to enjoy this unique location awaiting the start of the solar eclipse.

Accommodation: Valle Limarí, Hotel Limari / Hacienda Juntas / Hotel Monte Cordillera

Day 5

Wednesday | July 3, 2019

Travel to Viña del Mar (B/L)

Dog At The Museum

Recovering from a festive day, we will enjoy a short visit to the Museum of the Limari, which was founded with the name of “Archaeological Society Museum of Ovalle, the 17 of September of 1963”, and was under the administration of this organization until 1978.

The collections that shaped the museum at the time of its foundation constitute a huge heritage legacy donated by Dr. Guillermo Durruty. To this significant collection has been added many pieces that were recovered by members of the Archaeological Society of Ovalle during excavations carried out in the area. These are mainly objects belonging to the local Los Diaguitas culture, especially from the time of Inca transculturation.

Lunch at a local restaurant en route heading to Viña del Mar.

Accommodation: Viña del Mar, Hotel Enjoy Viña del Mar

Day 6

Thursday | July 4, 2019

Valparaiso (B)


Valparaíso, one of the first Chilean cities founded by the Spanish, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003 for its architectural and cultural significance. Known locally as “Valpo”, the city holds a key position in Chile for its importance in South American trade and commerce. Century-old hillside ascensores (elevators) transport its habitants up into the city’s steep hills, where a labyrinthine maze of streets reveals brightly colored buildings, bohemian cafes and elegant restaurants, and spectacular views of the harbor below.

Accommodation: Viña del Mar, Hotel Enjoy Viña del Mar

Day 7

Friday | July 5, 2019

Valparaiso – Santiago (B/L)


Chile’s move toward cool-climate viticulture began 25 years ago when innovative winemakers dared to suggest planting in this pre-coastal region.  Chardonnay continues to reign, but Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir – two of Chile’s most attention-grabbing varietals – are on the rise. Now with time and experience under their belts, growers have better identified the ideal locations for each variety in this valley that is anything but homogenous.

Spotted with vineyards, you’ll visit two that have been hand-selected for this trip. First, you’ll visit family-run Casas del Bosque for Tour & Tasting, where 235 hectares are planted and exclusively dedicated to the production of varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Syrah. Second, we ‘ll visit Veramonte Winery for Lunch, Tour & Tasting. The building backs onto a vast tract of 3,900 hectares of land, 420 of which are cultivated with grapes. Of those, 50 are farmed organically and 50 more are on their way to certification. They have test gardens and grow produce for the cafe and restaurant, and keep sheep whose wool is sold in their shop. Prominent American enologist Paul Hobbs has applied his hand to the Pinot Noir, with rootstock from Bordeaux, to create their distinctive open-top tank version, sold under the label Ritual. We continue driving to Santiago.

Day 8

Saturday | July 6, 2019

Experiential Santiago (B/D)


1/2 day activities – this list of included experiential tours may change before you need to select any of them.  At this time you only need to think about which ones you would like to select – we will ask you to choose during our welcome talk when you arrive in Santiago. Each experiential tour is completely described at the end of the itinerary:

  1. Culinary Focused
  2. On Bike
  3. Photography tour

Farewell dinner will be held in a surprise location with panoramic views of the city.

Day 9

Sunday | July 7, 2019

Santiago (B)

After a day at your own leisure, you will head to the Santiago airport (SCL) in time for your return flight back home.

Add-On: 4 Days of Easter Island
$2500 DBL occupancy, $350 SGL supp

ADD-ON: Day 1

Sunday | Jul 07, 2019

Easter Island Sm

Transfer Hotel in Santiago – Airport + Transfer Mataveri Airport – Hotel You will be picked up from Mataveri Airport and transferred to your hotel to leave your luggage there. (Regular check-in time at 16:00pm).
Transfer to local restaurant for lunch.

Half Day Ahu Akivi Ahu Akivi is special because it is the only platform whose Moai look to the ocean. Here you will learn of the possible explanations for this unique orientation as well as see the very first restored Ahu on the island. Ahu Akivi was restored in 1960 by Dr. Mulloy and his colleague Gonzalo Figueroa. It is the only platform on the island which was restored without the use of any machinery but instead using what is believed to be the traditional way of raising the Moai.

* Rapa Nui Entrance Fee is included

Accommodation: Hotel Otai, SUP Room.

Meals: Lunch

ADD-ON: Day 2

Monday | July 08, 2019

Full Day Anakena Our first stop today could very well be one of the most amazing sites in the world. The volcano of Rano Raraku, also known as the statue factory, is the site from which 95% of all of the statues on the island were carved. Some were completely finished and left waiting on the slopes of the volcano for their transportation, while others are in various stages of completion still connected to the mother rock of the volcano. You will have the opportunity to hike to the top of the volcano and see the beautiful crater with its fresh water lake.

Next, we will visit the Ahu Tongariki, which is recognized as the largest monolithic monument in all of Eastern Polynesia. This amazing platform holds 15 of some of the largest statues on the island. With the surrounding sea cliffs and beautiful ocean background Tongariki is truly one of the most incredible sites on the island. Our last stop of the day is at Anakena, the larger of only two white sand beaches found on the island. It is also the legendary landing spot of the first king, Hotu Matua, and noted to be the center of the royal clan territory called the Miru.

Accommodation: Hotel Otai, SUP Room.

Meals: Breakfast, Box lunch.

ADD-ON: Day 3

Tuesday| July 09, 2019

Half Day Orongo Today you will visit two sites that are very important to the Rapa Nui culture: Rano Kau and Orongo. Rano Kau is one of the three principal volcanoes that created the island. It is approximately 2.5 million years old and has the largest caldera of any volcano on the island measuring at approximately 1.6 kilometers in diameter. Inside this beautiful volcano you will see one of three crater lakes on the island. This lake is covered with a type of bulrush reed which is also found in Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. Afterward you will visit the ceremonial village of Orongo, one of the most visually spectacular sites on the island. On one side of the village you see the beautiful caldera of Rano Kau and on the other you see the ocean and the mysterious islets of Motu Nui, Motu Iti, Motu Kao Kao. These islets, in addition to the village of Orongo, held the amazing ancient Tangata Manu or Birdman Ceremonies.

Lunch at local restaurant.

In the evening, Transfer to dinner show Te Ra ́Ai for your farewell dinner.

Accommodation: Hotel Otai, SUP Room.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

ADD-ON: Day 4

Wednesday | July 10, 2019

Transfer Hotel – Mataveri Airport You will be picked up from your hotel and transferred to Mataveri

Meals: Breakfast



  • Astronomer guides
  • Professional, bi-lingual guides
  • Eclipse viewing safety glasses
  • Commemorative Eclipse T-shirt
  • All ground transportation
  • All overnight accomodations
  • Airport transfers in Santiago
  • Lodging
  • Meals (as described in itinerary)
  • Lectures: Pre-eclipse Astronomy talk and general science discussions throughout the tour.
  • Local tours as described in the itineraries
  • Park entrance fees
  • Private transportation in a comfortable vehicle.*
  • Professional, bilingual driver/guide as indicated.*
  • Activities as mentioned in the itinerary.*
  • Entrance fees where applicable.*
  • Meals as described in the itinerary.*
  • Bottled mineral water on day tours.*
  • Lodging as mentioned in the itinerary.*

Not Included

  • International flights
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Alchoholic beverages (unless specifically included)
  • Tips for drivers and guides
  • Meals not specified in the itineraries
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips in restaurants and gratuities for guides.*
  • Activities and meals Not mentioned in the program.*
  • Travel insurance.*
  • Items of personal use.*
  • AIRFARE Santiago – Easter Island – Santiago ($1,218USD RT as of October 2018 –note that tickets are $700 RT through Priceline) *
    • Sun, Jul 7 Santiago – Easter Island, LATAM, 9:30 AM – 12:55 PM Nonstop
    • Wed, Jul 10 Easter Island – Santiago, LATAM, 11:55 AM – 6:40 PM Nonstop

* indicates details specific to the Easter Island add-on and are not included within the rest of the tour.

Other Information

Trip cancellation, health, and accident insurance is required and can save you money if you are forced to cancel or alter your trip. We recommend TravelGuard trip insurance (www.travelguard.com) and we recommend that all travelers purchase their insurance within 7 days of their initial reservation to take advantage of any pre-existing condition clause.

Depending on your country of origin, visas may be required to enter Chile. U.S. citizens entering Chile must have a passport in good condition, valid for the period of your stay. U.S. citizens traveling to Chile for recreation, tourism, business, or academic conferences do not need to obtain a visa prior to their arrival in Chile if traveling with a tourist passport. Passports are required to be valid for the duration of stay and must have at least one blank page left (amendment pages do not count). Chile has very strict entry/exit requirements for minors (under the age of 18 years old), especially minors traveling with only one parent – please review the requirements before choosing to travel with a minor.  Visa and passport fees are not included in the price of this trip. We recommend checking your passport expiration immediately and make plans to renew before February, 2019 if necessary.  We always recommend reviewing the visa and passport requirements for travel to Chile for your country of origin.  (US citizens may find their information here: https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/country/chile.html)

No vaccinations are required for travel to Chile for US citizens at this time.  Precautions should always be taken seriously and pre-trip education on what to eat or to avoid should be planned. Information on vaccinations and other health precautions, such as safe food and water precautions and insect bite protection, may be obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) hotline for international travelers at 1-877-FYI-TRIP (1-877-394-8747) or via the CDC website.

It is every traveler’s responsibility to consider all appropriate medical advice regarding whether or not they are fit to take this trip prior to booking their reservation. We recommend that all interested travelers check with their healthcare provider before signing on.

Children 7 and older are welcome on this tour but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian if they are under 18. There is no child pricing for this tour.  Please note that Chile has very strict entry/exit requirements for minors (under the age of 18 years old), especially minors traveling with only one parent.  Please review the requirements before choosing to travel with a minor.  (US citizens may find their information here: https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/country/chile.html)

If you are traveling alone, you may save quite a bit of money by opting to share a room. We will match solo travelers of the same gender so that they can share a double occupancy room with two beds. We will do our best to match travelers but if we cannot find a match for you then you will be required to pay the single occupancy price.

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