If you enjoy cooking, our 2019 eclipse tour includes a world class treat for you!

One of our 2019 tour options: Half Day Private Cooking Class with Coco Pacheco 

Participate in this one- of-a-kind culinary experience as you join renowned chef Jorge “Coco” Pacheco in his personal studio, La Ruca, for an interactive cooking class. For years Chef Pacheco has been a major influence in Chile’s gastronomical scene and is the owner of Aquí Está Coco restaurant in Santiago which is commonly referred to as one of the best seafood restaurants in all of the city.  Upon reopening in 2010, Aquí Está Coco was distinguished as the first sustainable restaurant in Chile. Given that Chef Pacheco only uses the freshest of local ingredients, the meals you will prepare alongside him are to be determined by what Chef Pacheco finds at the local fish and produce markets that day. ¡Buen provecho!

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JORGE “COCO” PACHECO is easily one of Chile’s most famous chefs and is known for his culinary creations involving seafood. In 1975, he opened the restaurant Aquí Está Coco (which translates to “Here’s Coco”) in one of Santiago’s most commercial and gastronomical hotspots, Providencia, and ever since, has been making history in Chile’s gastronomical scene. In 2008, a fire destroyed the entire structure but was rebuilt in 2010, reopening as Chile’s first sustainable restaurant, a true pioneer in its field. Inside the restaurant, diners can marvel at the beautiful art and artifacts hanging from the ceilings and wall – most of which are pieces Coco has collected throughout his world travels. The restaurant even has different themed dining rooms, including one in which diners eat at a boat-turned-table.