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What did you enjoy about traveling with Sirius Travel? “The knowledge of the tour leaders.  The neat places we go to.  The fact that the tour leaders know a lot of people in a lot of places and can get special set ups of tours.” – B. Richardson (’01 American Southwest, ’17 Americana Tour)


July 2, 2019: Chile, South America 

Chile, especially the Valle del Elqui region, is an astronomer’s paradise and probably one of the best places on earth to enjoy a total solar eclipse and a starry sky.   The Valle del Elqui is located only 400 kilometers north of Santiago and offers an ideal star-gazing environment with its lack of precipitation, clear skies and low-to-zero light pollution. It enjoys the highest density of observatories on earth and will be the center of the upcoming total solar eclipse on July 2nd, 2019. This trip is a combination of deep submersion into the Chilean culture and off the beaten track experiences with locals, while enjoying excellent international company.  For more information about this trip and to see the full itinerary, click here. Go to our reservation page to reserve your space on this trip today.

Perseids and the Stars – Wyoming Dude Ranch, August 11 – 18,  2019 

grand-tetons-wyomingSpend a week on an authentic and historic Dude Ranch near the beautiful Grand Tetons:  horseback riding, wildlife viewing, cookouts, square dancing, hiking, sightseeing, star gazing, a special children’s program, fishing and scenic float trips all under the clear summer skies of western Wyoming.  The ranch is located under incredibly dark skies for optimum meteor shower viewing and star gazing. For more details, please click here.


December 14, 2020: South America  Click here to save your space!


April 20, 2023: Australia/Indonesia

October 14, 2023: ANNULAR – United States


April 8, 2024: Mexico/US