2023 Vicky

Victoria Alten Sahami, M.S.

Victoria Alten Sahami, M.S. is an alumna of the University of Colorado astrophysics program. Over the years she has taught numerous astronomy courses, worked as a solar observer at Mt. Wilson Observatory, worked as a tour guide at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, researched and discovered more than 40 new astronomical objects (Herbig-Haro objects), launched UV telescope payloads on rockets from the outback of Australia, and spent countless long cold nights at telescopes observing everything from geosynchronous satellites to star formation regions. Currently, Vicky leads tours to see total solar eclipses and astronomical sites. Eclipse tours that she has led include Venezuela (1996), Turkey (1999 and 2006), Australia (2002, 2012, 2023), Mongolia (2008), China (2009), Easter Island (2010), Svalbard (2015), USA (2017), Chile (2019), Argentina (2020), and Mexico (2024). She has also led the American Southwest tour (2001), the annual Iceland tours, the annual Easter Island tours, and the newly developed annual Standing Stones of Scotland tours. When she is not leading tours, Vicky teaches courses at local universities and Planetariums and gives invited lectures. She currently teaches General Astronomy at the Metropolitan State University of Denver.